This summer will be busy a busy one at Atalasoft.  Not only are we moving into a new office this spring, we are introducing a new summer internship program.  This program will not be your typical summer internship as we will be giving students the ability to work on a challenging commercial application from specification to execution.  It's an exciting project, as we're doing something that's never been done before using new technology, our own imaging components, and the latest Microsoft development tools.  This will be a team project with four computer science majors working closely with seasoned developers to achieve a common goal. 

Why apply for a work related summer internship?

Summer internships exist for students to gain experience in industry and to be better prepared for finding a job after graduation.  When interviewing prospective employees, I look closely at related work experience, whether the candidate has just graduated from college or has a few years experience.  In an interview, the summer internship or co-op will most certainly be a topic for discussion.  In today's competitive environment, it's hard to get a job with little or no relevant work experience.

Why hire inexperienced interns for a challenging project such as this?

While we could use our interns to do more menial tasks like run benchmarks, write documentation, fetch coffee, run repetitive tests, etc, I feel that offering a challenging and exciting task would be far better for the following reasons:

  • It gives us 3 months to interview future job candidates on a challenging project, giving exceptional developers the chance to stand out, and at the same time prove that they can work in a team environment.
  • It allows our core development staff to continue working on our core product DotImage (our cash cow) without being distracted for a few months on another project that might (or might not) be successful
  • What better way for a team to "gel" than put a group of people together to work on a tough project in a great office environment, starting at the same time, around the same age, and in the same stage of life; senior year in college.
  • Joel Spolsky's FogCreek did something similar in 2005 called Project Aardvark, and even made a film documentary about it.  The success of that program inspired me to put together a challenging team project as opposed to interns working one on one with their mentors.

For the students reading this blog, we will be recruiting on campus at Rensselaer (my Alma Matter), UMASS, and WPI, while accepting resume's from any university.  We will be giving preference to Seniors, but will also consider Juniors and are only accepting permanent residents or US Citizens at this time.  For more information about the positions being offered, please see our careers page.  To be considered, please take the time to put together a cover letter, tell us about other successful student or professional projects you have participated in, and include one or two courses you will have completed that you feel will be most applicable to this internship.  The deadline for applying is March 1.