Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple weeks.  Things have been quite busy with the our new office buildout, recruiting for our summer internship program, and work on our next version of DotImage

The on campus recruiting at UMASS and WPI was a great success.  We ended up with over 200 resume's from both schools, and many great candidates.  Students were very excited about our internship program as we are planning on hiring 4 students to develop a real world product based on our imaging technology in just 3 short months over the summer.  This is a great opportunity to gain real experience developing a real product in a real company.  Today, we chose 12 interview candidates from the UMASS students for on-campus interviews.  Choosing 15 people from 120 resume's started out as a daunting task, but our Chief Architect, Steve Hawley, had a great method for this which greatly simplified the process. 

Basically he suggested we divide each resume into applicability, and skill using a grading rubric.  Applicability is labeled A - C, and skill was labeled 1 - 3 (see the grid below).  Applicability has to do with degree, courses taken, and type of experience as it applies to the job at hand.  Skill is rated by GPA, depth of experience, and communication skills, and has nothing to do with the type of skill.  A nuclear engineer with no programming experience, 4.0 GPA, many publications, and great communication skills would be rated C1 for high skill and low applicability.  A Comp Sci major with with C++, .NET, and image processing experience with a 2.0 GPA, awful communication skills, and no team experience would be rated A3.  The best candidates fell into A1.  With this system we could split the stack of resume's up so three of us were able to sort through them in just a couple hours.  The idea was if we ended up with too many resume's in A1, we would take the resumes from A1 (giving the A2 and B1 pile a second look) and resort them with finer granularity.  Using this system, we narrowed down the group to 12 interviewees with 3 alternates. 

If you're a UMASS student who applied to the internship, you might receive a message from the career center to schedule your interview next week.  Unfortunately we will be unable to reply to each of you who applied, but we want to thank everyone who applied!  For other students we'll be following the same procedure for the WPI on campus interviews, and phone interviews from candidates who have applied from various other schools.  Every resume we received is taken into consideration.