ElainesRoses Before picking up the phone to call a software company's technical support, how many of these questions cross your mind?

  • They wont talk to me until I show them the money
  • I'll be on hold forever, just to leave a voicemail that goes unanswered
  • I'm going to be directed to someone in India
  • I'm going to be speaking to someone who knows less about the product than I do.

My guess is all of the above, and then some. Why do so many software companies not invest in technical support? Most software executives see technical support only as necessary, or sometimes unnecessary, overhead.  For a company with hundreds or thousands of customers there's no question that good technical support is very expensive.

At Atalasoft, we recognize that supporting our customers is worth the cost of hiring friendly, bright, and experienced engineers that work right alongside our product development team - yes, right here in Western Massachusetts. If you call our support department (and I encourage you to do so, even if you aren't yet a customer) you will probably speak with Elaine or Kevin, our full time developer support engineers, who yes - unlike the title of Elaine's blog, are very good software developers themselves.

Let me share with you a recent email from a customer. In it reads:

"The project is a little behind schedule, but I kind of expected that.  We have completely converted our document management system from [a competing vendor] to Atalasoft.  The project is in beta testing now.

Support has been great, no complaints from me.  With the help of your support team, I was able to extend the SDK and create my own cloud annotation.  I was a little worried at first, because [the competing vendor] told me that your support group was outside of the USA."

This struck me, because obviously all our employees are within the US, including our support department. Our competitor's sales department mislead their customer; perhaps out of desperation because they were going to lose the deal. Our value proposition was enough for the deal to go our way, even with the misconception that our support would be outside the US.

How many software companies have fans that will provide free Pizza because of our helpful support. And what about those 2-dozen yellow roses that were sent to Elaine for helping out a particularly happy customer! (I can't mention the company yet, but lets just say the gift is right up their alley)

With the release of DotImage 6.0 just over a month ago, EVERY customer receives our gold level of support for 3 months. At Atalasoft, we understand customer support can be the difference between a project's wild success or utter failure, and ensure the best service we can possibly deliver.