Last month marked the successful completion of our 31 Apps in 31 Days effort where Atalasoft developers (including yours truly) developed and deployed 31 applications using the DotImage 6.0 Toolkit in 31 days, with full source code. The goal was to create small applications using our toolkit during our normal workday. It was quite an undertaking for us, but demonstrates just how quickly developers can build something interesting (and useful) using our toolkit. Most of these apps took less than 4 hours for a single developer to create - and some make some pretty useful tools.

I managed to submit 2 applications of my own:
Document Capture to the Amazon S3 Cloud and FlingScan: Searchable PDF Service.

Some of my favorites are:

These days I rarely open up visual studio as my CEO duties generally prevent that; but it's nice to get my hands wet every now and then.

Anyone at TechEd this week? If so, see you in Orlando.