Recently Ralph Gammon from Document Imaging Report interviewed Jack Berlin, the CEO of Pegasus Imaging, about the new release of their Prizm Viewer, a heavy client 25MB ActiveX Document Viewer. Ralph asked about the new wave of AJAX based zero-footprint viewers on the market. This was his response:

"There is certainly some demand for lightweight viewers" he said. "If you are talking about users doing ad hoc viewing of images a couple times per month, I think zero footprint viewers work. However people doing imaging every day as part of their jobs, typically need the power of a locally installed application. It's our view that large corporate users especially are moving away from zero footprint viewers. They want the best performance and are willing to install software on their PCs to achieve it. Of course, they don't want deployment headaches. That's why we are always focused on improving our administrative tools."

Mr Berlin is right on one point, that customers are willing to pay for the best performance. That's exactly why our Zero Footprint Viewer is so popular. When viewing documents that are located on a server (which is the case for any ECM system) it's faster to start viewing the documents instantly in a browser by asynchronously streaming thumbnails and tiles of the document to the client opposed to downloading the entire document to the client for viewing.

Mr. Berlin is also correct on another point that IT administrators do not want deployment headaches. With Zero-Footprint, there are no deployment headaches as there is no software to install. It works with any modern browser on any Operating System including: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. With the right zero-footprint viewer, you don't have to give up features. Our viewer supports features such as markup with annotations, and editing and cleanup. DotImage 7.0, to be released soon, adds support for freehand annotations that performs as well as any thick-client freehand drawing tool.

Where Mr. Berlin is 100% incorrect is that users are moving away from zero-footprint viewers. In fact, the opposite is true. We have fortune 500 customers and ISVs who have purchased a total of over ten-thousand servers. They are each successfully using our Zero Footprint viewer to serve thousands of end users who view, edit, and annotate thousands of documents a day. Atalasoft understands the value that zero-footprint viewers brings to an enterprise level high production environment. This is why we continue to innovate our web-based imaging technology.

Our new product, Vizit SP, applies our zero-footprint viewer to SharePoint giving SharePoint users a zero-footprint document image manager that will scan, index, view, edit, and annotate PDF, TIFF, and Word documents in your SharePoint libraries and workflow.