A critical piece of any ECM is robust search capabilities. With SharePoint 2007, Microsoft scores well in search according to Gartner in their ECM Magic Quadrant, but will fair even better next year with the enhanced search features in SharePoint 2010. Atalasoft has recognized the need to improve the retrieval of documents in SharePoint by enhancing search of documents in the recent release of Atalasoft’s SharePoint Document Viewer, Vizit SP 2.0, which is available now and does not require a FAST license. These new search capabilities improve user productivity by reducing the time it takes to find and view documents stored in SharePoint.

Thumbnail Previews in Search Results

Thumbnail previews in search results make finding a document buried in search results much quicker. This capability is included in SharePoint 2010 only with an upgraded FAST Search license. However there is no need to wait for SharePoint 2010 and upgrade to an expensive FAST license. VizitSP 2.0, includes quick thumbnail previews in search results and is available for SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0.

There are some differences between the thumbnail previews in FAST and the thumbnail previews in Vizit SP. Vizit SP renders the thumbnails real-time eliminating the need for caching your entire database of documents. The rendering is triggered by clicking on the document bringing up a very lightweight scrollable viewer. Vizit SP also uses TIFF and PDF decoders that are optimized for the web.

Once the document is identified, it can be opened into a zero-footprint viewer without the need to download the document to the client and exit the SharePoint browsing environment.

Search on Specific Properties and Specific Content Types

SharePoint 2007 has an basic search capabilities that only allow you to search on indexed content and narrow results on specific properties of default content types. Many of your documents, such as a contract, purchase order, or invoice will have extended properties and be stored as a custom content type. Vizit SP 2.0 gives you column-based search where you can perform logical searches on specific fields, such as invoice number. The search results can be previewed, sorted, and opened directly into Vizit SP.

For more information on Vizit SP’s new search capabilities, please watch this video and visit www.vizitsp.com to learn more.