Today, Atalasoft released Vizit 3.0 and we claim it will save a typical organization $2.5 million. It’s an outlandish claim, but we do cite IDC to back it up. Obviously, one has to take this information for what it’s worth and process it for their own situation. It might not ACTUALLY save your organization $2.5 million, but it WILL save you money. When we ran the analysis, we realized that the items that saved the most money were the biggest value propositions of the product. So what we end up with is a real list of capabilities that save real money and conveniently ordered by cost saving benefit.

This change in marketing is what hiring a seasoned executive as president of my company will do. I always say it’s about being remarkable. When Paul Yantus first joined us a couple weeks ago and presented his new marketing plan, I could see it was remarkable. He warned me that it’s different and bold and not everyone would love it. He’s right. My advisors told me I shouldn’t do it. But I did anyway. The entire team got all excited because we not only have a remarkable product, we now have remarkable marketing. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Since I’m more of the technical founder and do not consider myself a marketer, I get even more excited talking product. The team worked very hard on this version of Vizit. We recognized that customers were looking for a SharePoint solution that would allow them to quickly view their documents without downloading the document or without the hassle of installing client software. We also learned that customers didn’t want to pay per-user fees for a view-only solution. Vizit Essential, part of Vizit 3.0, does exactly that. It’s easily installed by an IT Admin as a web part, and licensed per-server. We took what we have learned over the past 6 years developing zero-footprint document viewers in HTML and AJAX and built the worlds FASTEST document viewer for SharePoint supporting 300+ formats. All SharePoint users, no matter if they are local or remote, MAC or PC, Laptop or iPad will be able to view all documents in SharePoint without the need for ActiveX, Java, Flash, or Silverlight plug-ins.


What if you need to FIND your document but can’t figure out what’s what in the search results? Vizit Essential helps you with that as well. This screenshot shows the thumbnail views. Those thumbnails render real-time and load blazingly fast eliminating the need to take up extra space in your SharePoint database.


If you need to EDIT the document, such as re-order pages, remove blank pages, change the properties, remove specks and borders, or annotate; all you need to do is launch Vizit Pro, formerly called Vizit SP.  and it lets you do all of that. Just click the Vizit Pro button in Vizit Essential.


If you don’t believe me, see for yourself, and try a live demo, download a free evaluation, or just learn more about Vizit. I’d love to hear about your experiences.